Seeking VAs for In Blood Demo



Content Warning: This project may require VAs to say violent, abusive, cruel, sexual lines and contains upsetting content. Please be aware of this, and comfortable with this going forward.

Must be over 21, no exceptions.

~ Auditions Are Now Closed ~

I am seeking 3 masculine, 1 feminine, 1 non-binary, and an additional voice without gender preferences for an upcoming horror/romance otome demo. Special consideration for POC actors, especially seeking black masculine voice for Tristin.

  • Pay is a flat $60 USD for roughly 50 lines (varies by character) via paypal
  • Audition Deadline: 01/31/2020 at 11:59 PM ES
  • Must audition with lines provided in the document, or else submission will not be considered.
  • Demo recordings will be expected by the end of March 2020
  • Professional mics and sound quality is non negotiable.
  • Hired actors will be asked to return for the full game upon a successful Kickstarter Campaign at $1 USD per line.

Please see here for full audition guidelines: FULL INSTRUCTIONS HERE

In Blood is about Ellie, who finds herself trapped in a swamp dimension and bound by a blood pact to an ancient forgotten god. She meets the other inhabitants of the decrepit mansion that is supposed to be her new home. Unless she has something to say about it. Full game will feature over 8 endings, and 4 branching paths.


Brenton – Hides away in his tower. Anxious and prone to collecting junk.
Tristin – Sad face, delusional, desperately does not want to be there.
Seta – Manipulative with a mean streak. Enjoys playing with people.
Karon – Unicorn with a taste for wine. Flirty with creepy undertones.
Eris – Right hand to the God, and caretaker of the mansion
Nyarbalte – the ancient forgotten god of the swamps

More about the game here


End Of Summer

EoS logo 2

I’m happy to announce an upcoming mobile game: End Of Summer!

EoS announcement large

The Story:

A lot of bad things happen at once, and you find yourself trying to take control of a life that has run off without you. While trying to piece everything back together again you receive news that an obscure relative has died, and that they left you an old rundown house. With nothing better to do you pack up what’s left of your life and head out to the tiniest backwoods place you’ve ever set eyes on. Home to more churches than stop signs, and hotter than hell, you try to make this weird nosy new place your home.

Soon work on the house will end, and then you’ll need to make up your mind; will you stay in this town, or will you take to the road again?

And will one of the four people you’ve become acquainted with sway your decision?

The Characters:

romance options
from left to right: Elijah, Luke, Angel, and Graham

Elijah Jackson – your wealthy, standoff-ish neighbor who is on the run, but from what?

Luke Brighton – The contractor working on your new home. He is sweet, if not always the brightest.

Angel Jones – a passing biker with a large smile. Loud, friendly, and always looking for fun!

Graham Daventree – The quiet, awkward teacher who loves to paint landscapes when he isn’t molding young minds.

The Details:

  • 4 routes available
  • Illustrations
  • 8 endings
  • Priced per route
  • 3 male and 1 female romance options


In Blood

logo_smallromance options 800 wide

After a night of drinking Eleadora takes a shortcut home through the woods. She’s angry, frustrated, and sad. At the crossroads she trips and cuts her hand on some broken glass. While looking over her wounds she mutters a wish out loud that calls upon an ancient and forgotten force that changes her life forever.

She wakes up in an unknown room, in an unknown house, on an unknown plane of existence. Surrounded by horrors and death she must attempt to find an ally among the other occupants of the house. It’s clear they don’t have her best interests in mind, and trusting them could be deadly.

Survive and try to maintain your humanity.

Escape, if you still want to.

Escape, if they’ll let you.


  • 4 romance options (3 guys, 1 woman)
  • Multiple endings
  • 4 routes
  • Several CG illustrations planned
  • English voice acting planned

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Customizable Character Tutorial


One of the parts of Pinewood Island and As We Know It that I am very proud of are the protagonists that the characters can customize. I’ve seen a few other visual novels do this, and I think it’s great! If you’re reading this you would probably like to do it too, but aren’t sure how. First, let’s talk about the pros and cons of incorporating a customizable sprite into your game.

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Visual Novel Recommendations

Whenever I come across someone who doesn’t know of visual novels, I always want to recommend some, but struggle to think of some on the spot. So here is a list I can link to later!

This is NOT a comprehensive list, and instead I’d like to point you here for a more in depth list of games!

These are mainly romantic/otome style games, because those are what I tend to play. I’ve also left off Japanese titles, and the bigger ones that everyone is talking about- because people tend to already know of those.

Mine, which I’ll just list here and then move on

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As We Know It


A heavily branching visual novel, featuring love, friendship and life-sim elements in a future destroyed by the sun.

Now Available on!

When the world gets too hot humanity finds sanctuary underground. After a
long waiting list you finally score a spot in the local underground
city of Camden, run by Mayor Rick Davidson. You and your mother move in
and begin to acclimate to this wonderful new life. As time passes,
however, things start to go wrong. Unravel what’s going on, and face
some hard choices that will impact your relationships and fate.

Get a job, find romance, and meet the other residents of Camden- your new home.


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