Let’s Play and Stream Policy

A small shark saying ‘Hello’

You are free to stream or record gameplay to share from any of our games. (This includes Let’s Plays, Streams, Reviews, ect…) It does not matter if the content is meant to be monetized or not.

We do not have any restrictions on routes or endings, we only ask that you link back to the game where you can. (Itch.io page or Steam page) You are also free to feature all our music in any Stream or Let’s Play.

Pinewood Island Itch.io | Steam

As We Know It Itch.io | Steam

In Blood Itch.io | Steam

Please keep content warnings in mind, and be sure to notify your audience of them! Please do not use our games to shock, or harm anyone.

If you would like to be added to our Press List please fill out the contact form with your information and links to your content.

Thank you!