Visual Novel Recommendations

Whenever I come across someone who doesn’t know of visual novels, I always want to recommend some, but struggle to think of some on the spot. So here is a list I can link to later!

This is NOT a comprehensive list, and instead I’d like to point you here for a more in depth list of games!

These are mainly romantic/otome style games, because those are what I tend to play. I’ve also left off Japanese titles, and the bigger ones that everyone is talking about- because people tend to already know of those.

Mine, which I’ll just list here and then move on


These games are free (not freemium, but actually FREE) – some of these are short jam games, but again…. free

  • Whale’s Waldo – (romance sea creatures and travel the world)
  • XOXO Droplets – college romance with a bunch of jerks – a comedy (there is a deluxe version for cost, but the core game is free)
  • Cinderella Phenomenon – Super popular and cute with lots of fairy tale inspirations. Fantasy/Romance
  • Seduce Me – old but good, has full English VA, incubus invade your house (I don’t fully remember why…) but it’s all in good fun
  • Pairs – Sci-fi romance with aliens and cute art
  • Tailor Tales – Not out yet, but I believe the full game will be free. There is a playable demo. Dress up game with romance!
  • The Lady’s choice – If you like that Jane Austen style you’ll like this!
  • Nachtigal – Vampires!
  • RE: Alistair++ – Cute game about gamers and romance!
  • a(t)rium – I haven’t played this one yet but It’s on my to-do list! Flower shop and secrets, what’s not to love. (DEMO)
  • The Bare Escape – cute comedy with shirtless dudes!

Now for the paid games, I tried to link to ichio when available since it’s more dev friendly- BUT most of these are also available on Steam.

  • Demonheart – I love this one, but it’s very dark and has some rape-y content so be warned.
  • Cinders – Another old classic, a new take on the cinderella tale with pretty art and effects!
  • Hustle Cat – Cat cafe romance with magic?? What’s not to love! Also features a protag you can make m/f/n
  • Along the Edge – Pretty art and mature story, Witchy elements and lots of endings.
  • Mizari Loves Company – Not out yet, but I really enjoyed the demo and am excited to see it some out!
  • Vicboys – It’s got a cute steampunk aesthetic, and lots of cute guys, only demo is out right now


  • Lake Of Voices – Something terrifying lurks in the water! I haven’t fully played it yet, but it’s great so far. (*** actually a free game!)
  • SoulSet– Haven’t played but heard really good things, more of a mystery than horror
  • Dead Wishes – Haven’t played yet, but am planning to!

Slice of Life

  • Backstage Pass – Stat raising, make up artist to the starts, cute and worth checking out
  • Let’s not stay friends – looks really cute, but I haven’t played it yet
  • Saucy Suitors – Haven’t played, and only a demo is available but I’ve heard good things


  • Unmoor – Historical-ish life at sea, with pirates and captains, cute art but I haven’t played enough to say more yet
  • These night’s in Cairo – Egypt, archeologists, and lots of drama!
  • Love on the peacock express – Lesbians on trains! I have not played but have heard good things.