In Blood

In Blood

Kickstarter Launched!

After a night of drinking Eleadora takes a shortcut home through the woods. She’s angry, frustrated, and sad. At the crossroads she trips and cuts her hand on some broken glass. While looking over her wounds she mutters a wish out loud that calls upon an ancient and forgotten force that changes her life forever.

She wakes up in an unknown room, in an unknown house, on an unknown plane of existence. Surrounded by horrors and death she must attempt to find an ally among the other occupants of the house. It’s clear they don’t have her best interests in mind, and trusting them could be deadly.

Survive and try to maintain your humanity.

Escape, if you still want to.

Escape, if they’ll let you.


  • 4 romance options (3 guys, 1 woman)
  • 8 endings, plus several premature endings
  • 4 routes
  • Several CG illustrations
  • English voice acting
  • Original Music and Immersive SFX
  • Demo is 10K words
  • Achievements

Demo out now on Steam and!

The Characters:

Eleadora – Protagonist, Ellie for short

Just wants to go home. Accidental blood pacts with weird old gods be damned! The protagonist of the story.

Nyarbalte – Ancient forgotten god survives on blood from worshipers

Ancient and forgotten God of the swamps. Requires blood in exchange for granting desires spoken at the crossroads.

Eris – Grumpy but helpful servant, a real worry-wart

Immortal servant of Nyarbalte. Willing to keep you alive and feed you, but not much else. Do not go into their kitchen. Ever.

Romance Options:

Tristin – Desperately wants you to help him escape, but he is clearly not what he claims to be.

Sad puppy who is desperate to escape and wants your help. He says he is human, just like you, but something isn’t right.

Brenton – Storms around the dilapidated mansion and loudly proclaims not wanting anything to do with you.

A bit of an idiot and more interested in hiding in hi tower than helping anyone. Has a dragon sized hoarding problem, and a temper.

Seta – Smiles sweetly at you and offers suspicious assistance at every turn.

Always suspiciously helpful. No one else in the mansion seems to like, or trust her though. She clearly knows more than she is letting on.

Karon – Doesn’t seem interested in you, or anything for that matter, unless it involves wine or fun.

Only seems interested in wine, and fun. Sleeps in a library full of dusty books and you should beware if invited inside.

About The Game:

“Oh my goodness, I’ve been following this since it was announced and the demo is so good! I am intrigued by all of the characters and the setting (though Tristin is baby!)! The VA is perfect and the art and writing are A+! Look forward to the full game, but wow this demo is great!” – Galaxy Raven on 
“oh my gosh the forest scene in the intro is so spooky I love it and Nyarbalte’s voice is amazing! so far Brenton and Eris are my favs ❤ looking forward to more!!” – Sandpixie on
“The voice acting in this is phenomenal! It is clear there has been a lot of work put into this. The characters are all equally well written, the sprites are great and the story pulled me in quickly. So far my favorites are Tristan, Eris and Seta. I look forward to the full game! :)” – Enfenim on


Writer, Developer, Programmer: Jaime Scribbles
Production Manager, Editor, Voice Director: PMscenarios
Character Artist: Illuminate001
GUI Artist: Sitraxis
BG Artist: Saleha Chowdhury
Illustrator: Meagan Trott and Scherville
Audio Director: Tim Reichert
Music: Antriksh Bali and Kyle Mesce

Voice Actors:

Brenton: Kevin K. Gomez
Karon: Kieran Flitton
Tristin: C. W. “Seedub” Brown
Seta: Abigail Turner
Nyarbalte: Bradley Gareth
Eris: Wes Haas