Content Warning For In Blood


This page contains major spoilers for In Blood!

Full content warning below

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In Blood Cover Art

Overall Content Warnings

  • Violence
  • Sexual content (Written, not visual)
  • Upsetting situations and content
  • Deaths (Protagonist, Characters, Other)
  • Alcohol use and abuse
  • Some dubious consent and coercion with sexual undertones
  • Bad ends
  • Spiders
  • Scary Situations and audio
  • Adult language, situations, and content
  • Blood mention
  • Psychological terror
  • Body horror
  • Blood draining
  • Emotional abuse
  • Occult mentions
  • Murder
  • Death of a family member mentioned

Route Specific Content Warnings


Promotional image of Brenton
  • Protagonist-driven dubious consent
  • Written sex
  • imprisonment
  • attempted mind control
  • suicide insinuation
  • removal of agency
  • minor physical violence
  • mild internalized bi-phobia

Dead Ends:

  • mind control
  • being eaten alive
  • Spiders swarming you
  • drugging
  • suffocation
  • possession
  • blood draining


Promotional Image of Tristin
  • TBA


Promotional image of Seta
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Promotional image of Karon
  • TBA

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