Fan Art Contest Results

The Fan Art Contest is over and we got some amazing entries! It was really hard to pick a winner! We absolutely adored each and every entry and everyone was so creative with what they submitted.

The Winner!!!

Ray by Vox Vulpi

Vox Vulpi did a great job with Ray, and we loved how she incorporated flower language! This is what she had to say about her entry on Steam:

Ever have an image you have to have an intervention with yourself to stop messing with it? *L*
I think it came out OK though ❤

The flowers were chosen based on their meaning – Carl would approve (although Ray would not approve of Carl approving *L*)

Tansy (the yellow one) – Harsh thoughts, a declaration of war
Sweet Briar Rose (the pink one) – Being wounded

Anyhoo, I love Pinewood. And while I was looking up references for this, I realized the sprite work I loved was even more amazing than I thought. Looking at it more closely I noticed a lot of small detail added to Ray to indicate his lifestyle – SO GOOD!

– Vox Vulpi

She won a lot of great prizes! Stickers for all three games, deluxe editions for all three games, a special mention as a previous worshipper inside In Blood, and a handwritten “thank you” from Jaime!

We will be reaching out to Vox Vulpi to let her know, but I am extremely excited to let you all know that everyone who entered will also be getting a Steam key of their choice: As We Know It or Pinewood Island!

The (AMAZING!) Runner-Ups:

A cheeky Karon:

Have a drink with me by Lawrichai

An incredible Pinewood Island fan theory in comic form:

Blood in my room by @maryon0212

Eva looking fantastic:

Eva by Nova Walters

Really cool take on an ending for Jude and MC in the Sims:

In another life by Lalisa

Seta looking diabolical and fabulous:

Seta by @maryon0212

Tristin in the woods with some fun magic effects:

Tristin in the woods by Thany Moon

Thank you all so much for entering the fan art contest! We really enjoyed seeing what people drew and came up with. I hope everyone had fun and enjoys their special steam key prize!

Be sure to check out the artworks on the steam community pages for Pinewood Island, As We Know It, and In Blood!