In Blood Around The Web

People are playing and talking about In Blood! It’s really cool to see other people experience a game we have been working so hard on, so we thought we’d share some of the links we’ve managed to collect of people talking about the game, or playing it. We’re really thankful so many people have helped us promote so check them and their content out!!

Let’s Plays

There have been some great let’s plays for In Blood so be sure to check them out. They’re super fun! A lot of them had me and Elan cracking up.

Telltale – Very amusing Let’s Play to watch.

Elfies – They were very fond of Tristin!

Kaiju – Great Reactions to the characters and art.

Chloe Spencer – The closest to my own play style lol

GirlGotGame – A great play though all in one video and worth a watch!

Aromie – Short sweet videos with great reactions. Definitely worth watching.


The game has also been mentioned on some blogs and websites! Check out the features and reviews for yourself!

Blerdy“As far as heroines go, I really like Ellie, she isn’t overly naive like you see in some otome games, nor is she overly aggressive—she strikes a nice balance. She can be assertive and confident, while also being vulnerable, the events of the game aren’t just happening to her, rather she is an active participant. “

VN Game Den“Where I think I had the most fun playing In Blood was in direct interactions with the characters, particularly the love interests. The first time you really start interacting with them, the game is quick to remind you that at its core it’s still an otome game and some version of romance is very much on the table. These characters are delightful. Horrifying, but delightful.”

Otome Obsessed

Otome Kitten