#AmareTeaBreak Prompts

Here is a brief list of prompts you can choose for #AmareTeaBreak (Tuesdays at 1pm EST) to help promote your game ❤ The Amare bot on twitter will retweet you!

(This page will probably be updated as time goes on)

Amare Logo with hashtags: #AmareGame #AmareDev and #AmareTeaBreak


  • Share a gif from your Amare game
  • Describe your game in 1 tweet
  • Pitch your Amare Game Idea
  • Who is your favorite Amare Game character? (That you made, or from a game you like)
  • Share a screenshot from your game
  • Share your Amare Game’s logo
  • Share your Amare game’s trailer
  • What would be your Amare Game dream project if you had all the time/money in the world?
  • Favorite relationship trope (with examples!) – platonic or romantic!
  • Favorite Protagonist from an Amare Game
  • Favorite Protagonist Tropes Share/Create a meme from/for your Amare game or an Amare Game you like
  • Share a Movie/Book/Game inspiration for your Amare Game
  • Which Aesthetic suits your Amare game?
  • Share some Character Fun Facts from your Amare Game
  • Share a favorite line from your game
  • Share your game’s UI and/or inspirations for it
  • Share music you listen to when you write your Amare game (inspiration playlists) Share original music from your game
  • Which route do you recommend playing first in your Amare game?
  • Share why are you working on your current project?
  • Share a development blooper from your game!
  • Which Amare Game are you most looking forward to coming out?
  • Which Game introduced you to the Amare Game/ Visual Novel genre?
  • Show a funny screenshot/joke from your game
  • Summarize your game in three words
  • What’s the fashion style of one of your Amare game characters?
  • What’s your favorite part of making your Amare game?
  • What’s a unique story feature/mechanic of your game?
  • What do you hope your audience takes away from your game?
  • If you could have anyone voice one of your characters, who would be your first choice?
  • Upcoming Amare Game related New Years resolutions?

For more information about what Amare is you can learn more here.