Seeking VAs for In Blood Demo

I am seeking 3 masculine, 1 feminine, 1 non-binary, and an additional voice without gender preferences for an upcoming horror/romance otome demo. Special consideration for POC actors, especially seeking black masculine voice for Tristin.

  • Pay is a flat $60 USD for roughly 50 lines (varies by character) via paypal
  • Audition Deadline: 01/31/2020 at 11:59 PM ES
  • Must audition with lines provided in the document, or else submission will not be considered.
  • Demo recordings will be expected by the end of March 2020
  • Professional mics and sound quality is non negotiable.
  • Hired actors will be asked to return for the full game upon a successful Kickstarter Campaign at $1 USD per line.

Please see here for full audition guidelines: FULL INSTRUCTIONS HERE

In Blood is about Ellie, who finds herself trapped in a swamp dimension and bound by a blood pact to an ancient forgotten god. She meets the other inhabitants of the decrepit mansion that is supposed to be her new home. Unless she has something to say about it. Full game will feature over 8 endings, and 4 branching paths.


Brenton – Hides away in his tower. Anxious and prone to collecting junk.
Tristin – Sad face, delusional, desperately does not want to be there.
Seta – Manipulative with a mean streak. Enjoys playing with people.
Karon – Unicorn with a taste for wine. Flirty with creepy undertones.
Eris – Right hand to the God, and caretaker of the mansion
Nyarbalte – the ancient forgotten god of the swamps

More about the game here