End Of Summer

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I’m happy to announce an upcoming mobile game: End Of Summer!

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The Story:

A lot of bad things happen at once, and you find yourself trying to take control of a life that has run off without you. While trying to piece everything back together again you receive news that an obscure relative has died, and that they left you an old rundown house. With nothing better to do you pack up what’s left of your life and head out to the tiniest backwoods place you’ve ever set eyes on. Home to more churches than stop signs, and hotter than hell, you try to make this weird nosy new place your home.

Soon work on the house will end, and then you’ll need to make up your mind; will you stay in this town, or will you take to the road again?

And will one of the four people you’ve become acquainted with sway your decision?

The Characters:

romance options
from left to right: Elijah, Luke, Angel, and Graham

Elijah Jackson – your wealthy, standoff-ish neighbor who is on the run, but from what?

Luke Brighton – The contractor working on your new home. He is sweet, if not always the brightest.

Angel Jones – a passing biker with a large smile. Loud, friendly, and always looking for fun!

Graham Daventree – The quiet, awkward teacher who loves to paint landscapes when he isn’t molding young minds.

The Details:

  • 4 routes available
  • Illustrations
  • 8 endings
  • Priced per route
  • 3 male and 1 female romance options